Function teeKeySharesStore

  • Parameters

    • clusterId: number = 0

      The TEE Cluster id to upload shares to.

    • kind: "secret" | "capsule"

      The kind of nft linked to the key uploaded: "secret" or "capsule"

    • payloads: StorePayloadType[]

      Array of payloads containing secret data and each share of the private key. Should contain SSSA_NUMSHARES payloads.

    • nbRetry: number = 3

      The number of retry that need to be proceeded in case of fail during a share upload. Default is 3.

    • Optional enclavesIndex: number[]

      Optional: An Array of enclaves index. For example, some enclaves that previously failed that need to be uploaded again.

    Returns Promise<TeeSharesStoreType[]>

    TEE enclave response including both the payload and the enclave response.




    Upload secret shares to TEE enclaves with retry.

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