Function prepareAndStoreKeyShares

  • Parameters

    • privateKey: string

      The private key to be splited with Shamir algorithm.

    • signer: string | IKeyringPair

      Account owner of the private key to split (keyring) or address (string) .

    • nftId: number

      The Capsule NFT id or Secret NFT id to link to the private key.

    • kind: "secret" | "capsule"

      The kind of nft linked to the key to upload: "secret" or "capsule".

    • Optional extensionInjector: Record<string, any>

      (Optional)The signer method retrived from your extension to sign the transaction. We recommand Polkadot extention: object must have a signer key.

    • clusterId: number = 0

      (Optional)The TEE Cluster id. Default is set to cluster id 0.

    Returns Promise<TeeSharesStoreType[]>

    The TEE enclave response (shards datas and description).




    Splits the private key into shards, format and send them for upload on to a Tee Cluster.

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