• Parameters

    • nftFile: File

      File to upload as the preview of the encrypted NFT.

    • nftMetadata: NftMetadataType

      NFT metadata (Title, Description).

    • secretNftFile: File

      File to encrypt and then upload on IPFS.

    • secretNftMetadata: NftMetadataType

      Secret NFT metadata (Title, Description).

    • ipfsClient: TernoaIPFS

      A TernoaIPFS instance.

    • ownerPair: IKeyringPair

      Account of the secret NFT's owner.

    • clusterId: number = 0

      The TEE Cluster id. Default is set to cluster id 0.

    • royalty: number = 0

      Percentage of all second sales that the secret NFT creator will receive. Default is 0%. It's a decimal number in range [0, 100].

    • collectionId: undefined | number = undefined

      The collection to which the secret NFT belongs. Optional Parameter: Default is undefined.

    • isSoulbound: boolean = false

      If true, makes the secret NFT intransferable. Default is false.

    • waitUntil: WaitUntil = WaitUntil.BlockInclusion

      Execution trigger that can be set either to BlockInclusion or BlockFinalization. Default is BlockInclusion.

    Returns Promise<{
        clusterResponse: TeeSharesStoreType[];
        event: SecretNftData;

    A JSON including both secretNftEvent & TEE enclave response (shards datas and description).




    Encrypts your data to create a secret NFT on-chain and uploads your key's shards on a TEE.

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