Function formatRetrievePayload

  • Parameters

    • requester: string | IKeyringPair

      The NFT owner account (keyring) or address (string) used to sign data. It can also be the retriever account of rentee or delegatee.

    • requesterRole: RequesterType

      Kind of account that want to retrieve the payload: it can be either "OWNER", "DELEGATEE" or "RENTEE"

    • nftId: number

      The ID of the NFT.

    • blockId: number

      The current block header id on-chain.

    • blockValidity: number = SIGNER_BLOCK_VALIDITY

      A block duration validity for the temporay signer account to be valid; default SIGNER_BLOCK_VALIDITY = 100 blocks.

    • Optional extensionInjector: Record<string, any>

      (Optional)The signer method retrived from your extension. We recommand Polkadot extention: object must have a signer key.

    Returns Promise<RetrievePayloadType>

    Payload ready to be submitted to TEE enclaves.




    Prepares post request payload to retrieve secret/capsule NFT data into TEE enclaves.

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