Function submitTxNonBlocking

  • Parameters

    • tx: `0x${string}`

      Unsigned unsubmitted transaction Hash. The Hash is only valid for 5 minutes.

    • waitUntil: WaitUntil

      Execution trigger that can be set either to BlockInclusion or BlockFinalization.

    • Optional keyring: IKeyringPair

      Account that will sign the transaction if provided

    Returns Promise<[ConditionalVariable, BlockchainEvents, BlockInfo, `0x${string}`]>

    Returns a group objects that are used to track the progress of the transaction execution: - The first returned object is a conditional variable which can yield the information if the operation is finished. - The second returned object is an array of events which gets populated automatically once the operation is finished. - The third returned object contains the block information as the block hash, the block header and block extrinsics. - The fouth returned argument is the submitted transaction hash.




    Signs and submits a transaction in a non-blocking way. Signing is optional.

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