Function setMarketplaceConfigurationTx

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    Creates an unsigned unsubmitted Set-Marketplace-Configuration Transaction Hash.

    Each of the parameters of the marketplace, need one of the following type: Noop is set by default for each of the parameters. Noop : No Operation, nothing change. Removed : Current datas will be deleted. Set : Un object that update parameter value: Commission Fee and Listing Fee require a data type (flat or percentage) under format : { [MarketplaceConfigAction.Set]: { setFeeType: number || BN}} AccountList require an array of string: { [MarketplaceConfigAction.Set]: string[]} OffChainData require a string: { [MarketplaceConfigAction.Set]: string}


    MarketplaceConfigSetEvent Blockchain event.


    • id: number

      Marketplace Id of the marketplace to update.

    • commissionFee: Marketplace.CommissionFeeType = MarketplaceConfigAction.Noop

      Commission when an NFT is sold on the marketplace : it can be set as flat (number) or as percentage. ex: { [MarketplaceConfigAction.Set]: { percentage: 10 } }

    • listingFee: Marketplace.ListingFeeType = MarketplaceConfigAction.Noop

      Fee when an NFT is added for sale to marketplace : it can be set as flat (number) or as percentage. ex: { [MarketplaceConfigAction.Set]: { flat: 5 } }

    • accountList: Marketplace.AccountListType = MarketplaceConfigAction.Noop

      A list of accounts : if the marketplace kind is private, it allows these accounts to sell NFT. If the marketplace kind is public, it bans these accounts from selling NFT.

    • offchainData: Marketplace.OffchainDataType = MarketplaceConfigAction.Noop

      Off-chain related marketplace metadata. Can be an IPFS Hash, an URL or plain text.

    Returns Promise<`0x${string}`>

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